19 Days in January

For the 19 days before inauguration, Rec Room will host a series of free films. 

In addition to the viewings—as often as possible—we will bring in speakers from the community to talk about issues we are all currently dealing with. We have some really amazing, exciting people already lined up. It's our version of the previews, y'all. 

If you are interested in speaking or have a suggestion for a speaker, please send us a message!

1.1 Citizen Kane, 8pm
1.2 Back To The Future II, 8pm
1.3 The Black Power Mixtape, 8pm
1.4 Brazil, 8pm
1.5 No, 8pm
1.6 Do the Right Thing, 8pm
1.7 Citizenfour, 2pm
1.8 To Be Or Not To Be, 8pm
1.9 American History X, 8pm
1.10 Bringing Down a Dictator, 8pm
1.11 A Scanner Darkly, 8pm
1.12 Z, 8pm
1.13 The 25th Hour, 8pm
1.14 The Sorrow and The Pity, 2pm
1.15 All The King’s Men, 8pm
1.16 V for Vendetta, 8pm
1.17 Our Brand Is Crisis, 8pm
1.18 Videodrome, 8pm
1.19 The Great Dictator, 8pm