The Jew Who Loves Christmas

  • REC ROOM 100 Jackson Street Houston, TX, 77002 United States

Rec Room presents a revival of the acclaimed "The Jew Who Loves Christmas", a multi-media storytelling piece by playwright Abby Koenig. Many people can relate to the unique mix of joy and sadness that often accompanies the holiday season. Some can attribute their most pronounced memories to Christmas time, however, this supposed time of joy, merriment and togetherness can be anti-climactic when family dysfunction, consumerism, and loneliness threaten to compromise the celebration. Ultimately, the day that is the fixation of so much excitement, becomes the cause of exhaustion and disappointment, cementing Christmas as the most poignant annual commemoration worthy of a 9-foot pine tree covered in streamers and mint candy canes. 

As someone who comes from a Jewish background, Koenig's passion for Santa Claus and his many reindeer may seem droll, misplaced, and at times, completely absurd. Yet and still, despite being self-described as "helplessly Jewish", her family has always celebrated Christmas. "Christmas has oddly become something of a time marker for my family and I", says Koenig. "From my earliest memories of my parents' unhappy marriage to my father's departure, my mother's emotional alienation, my own desperate need to hold onto tradition for some sense of normalcy, to the untimely death of my older sister, Christmas time has played a significant role in all the major events of my life." Through photos, memory, projection, and oration, Koenig details her own honest, unexpected, and hilarious admiration of the undisputed winner of most wonderful time of the year.

The token Jewish evening in Rec Room's Rec the Halls Xmas Week will also include delicious potato latkes by an authentic Jewish mother! Who doesn't love a latke?!?

"Rec The Halls" is a week long holiday season celebration to break in our new space and get the city together for some Merry Merry and some Holly Jolly. List of events here:

Abby Koenig received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing from the Dramatic Writing Conservatory at the State University of New York at Purchase and her Masters in Mass communication from the University of Houston. She has spent the past ten years performing her own work in numerous showcases in New York such as the Astoria Performing Arts One Act Competition, the Baby in the Corner Arts Expo, and the "What the F*#@ Do I Do With a BFA?" evening of new works, among others. In Houston, TX, Koenig has performed for Mildred's Umbrella's "Museum of Dysfunction III," "A Couple of Stand-Up Girls, "Pandora Theatre's "Vox Feminina 4, among many others. She also performed original stand-up comedy in and around New York City and in Houston, TX. 

Several theater companies have produced her plays including Horsehead Theatre, Mildred's Umbrella, Big Head Productions, Six of One Productions and her one-woman show, "Notes of a Serial Monogamist" was presented at the 2008 Houston Fringe Festival. She is a published author of creative non-fiction, in addition to being a regular contributing writer to the Houston Press and Texas' Arts + Culture Magazine.