Relationshit Live w/ Fat Tony!

  • Rec Room 100 Jackson Street Houston, TX, 77002 United States

"Relationshit podcast is like when your best friends get together and compare notes on the guys you all banged."

Hosted by Stacey Daniels and Hoja Lopez, this comedy podcast, about the terrifying and amazing relationships in their lives, is not to be missed. The hilarious duo will be performing Relationshit live with Houston favorite, rapper Fat Tony. Listen to the trio talk about love, sex and genitals and how they ruin everything. Stacey opens up about every man who has even remotely been inside of her while Hoja clears up some naive misconceptions. We welcome you to a personal, emotionally intelligent and dirty conversation about the physical and emotional links between us all. (CUE TRAILER MUSIC)

Doors @ 8:30 pm.