Garbage Island

It’s a Saturday, 10:30 a.m., and the kids are already driving you nuts. Why not take them to an affordable, interactive sketch show created for the very purpose of entertaining your children? How about we offer you a cup of coffee too or, better yet, a mimosa! Parents and guardians: Rec Room is here to save your weekend...and maybe your life. 

Rec Room, Houston’s newest performance space nestled in the heart of Downtown Houston, introduces GARBAGE ISLAND, a live, interactive sketch performance for children ages 2 - 6. GARBAGE ISLAND premieres Saturday, February 18, at 10:30 a.m. and runs Saturdays through March 11. 

GARBAGE ISLAND, written by Abby Koenig and directed by Rec Room co-founder Stephanie Wittels Wachs, is a fun and interactive live show that is both silly and educational. In the vein of children’s sketch shows, such as You Can’t Do That On Television, and The Muppet Show, GARBAGE ISLAND features absurdist humor and improv, as well as audience participation. 

GARBAGE ISLAND takes place in a literal garbage dump where off-the-wall characters come to life to solve mysteries using creative and critical thinking skills. There is an underlying message of earth consciousness and rubbish reuse. Local singer-songwriter, Greg Cote, hosts the show as Garbage Man Joe performing original music. Houston actors and Rec Room regulars Dano Colon, Tasha Gorel, and Orlanders Jones, perform as a rotation of multiple characters. 

Additionally, the show features pre-recorded video of puppet performance by none other than Houston’s esteemed puppeteer, Joel Orr of Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre. 

The set and costumes are designed using only found materials to further highlight the theme of sustainability. Costumes are designed by Houston Grand Opera costumer, Clair Hummel. 

Children are invited to bring an old toy with them every week that may be used during the performance as an improv piece for the actors. As such, no two performances will be the same and the audience is encouraged to return to see how the show changes each week. Each performance will culminate in a big kid dance party, with Garbage Man Joe and the cast. 

Tickets are $10 per child ages 2 and above. Adults are $5. Children under 2 are free to sit on their parents’ lap. Coffee and mimosas available at the bar.