Nerd Night

Wednesday, April 19th will be the next meeting of our D&D group. There is a bar with snacks and refreshments available. There will be a 1 drink minimum but it does not have to be alcoholic. There will be soda, water, coffee, and tea available as well. This will also be their"Nerd Night" so other nerdy activities may be available on other Wednesdays as well.

As for our campaign, it is a homebrewed world that I am DMing and while we have several members in our group we may be able to squeeze one more in.

Even if we can't get you into a game immediately I would encourage anyone interested in learning about D&D and tabletop gaming to join us. However, if enough people show up, including some willing to DM, Rec Room would be willing to allow multiple games perhaps meeting on different days of the month or even in different rooms on the same day. Other games do not have to use the D&D system, other game systems are encouraged as well.