Echoes of Solitude in Grand Central

The Transitory Sound and Movement Collective will premiere an exciting and dynamic new collaborative work "Echoes of Solitude in Grand Central" at the Rec Room. Sound/Multi-Media Artist: Lynn Lane is bringing together an incredible group of artists that will consist of five musicians, a soprano singer, a dance artist and a cinema verité filmmaker. The TSMC's work is an immersive improvisational experience blending sound, movement and visual arts. This piece promises to be quite captivating. The improvisational soundscape/music will be created through the musicians utiilizing a "game" method of a constructed yet flexible rules set developed by Lynn.



AJ Garcia-Rameau (Austin)



Julia Fox



Lynn Lane - electronics/field recordings

Ben Roidl-Ward - bassoon

Emily Nelson - flute

Emmy Tisdel - violin

Caitlin Mehrtens - harp



Ron Kiley (NYC)


Please note, the show will start promptly at 7:30 pm. Absolutely no late seating permitted. 

February 15