Jim & Sam: The Anywhere Everyday Tour

  • Rec Room 100 Jackson Street Houston, TX, 77002 United States

On November 3rd, Jim and Sam will begin a year long experiment where they will play one show every day for a year. Yes, every day! Yes, for a year! Yes, no off days! This is the point of no return. This is binding. They have never been more excited about anything. Ever. And maybe a little scared too. The good kind of scared. The kind that makes you go out into the wild, with the bears, and the wolves, and that strange dude who always lingers for too long, and play one show every day for a year.

This will not be your average tour. They will be playing everywhere from traditional music venues to comedy shows, nonprofits, private parties, schools, nursing homes, factories, TV shows, Alamos, under the stars, across the blue ocean, and anywhere in between.

Wanna join in on the crazy? Come to their happy hour show at Rec Room.