Times Square in 60

"Times Square in 60"

Improvisation for 18 Musicians with Movement and Film


The Transitory Sound and Movement Collective will premiere a new collaborative work "Times Square in 60" at the Rec Room. Sound/Multi-Media Artist: Lynn Lane is bringing together a group of 18 highly acclaimed musicians, one dance artist and a cinema verité filmmaker in a dynamic collaboration to create a single evening experimental immersive multi-media experience routed around an 18 person music ensemble performing an improvisation piece with a constructed yet flexible rules set developed by Lynn. Tickets are $10 with 100% of the profits going to help support Nameless Sound, a fantastic arts organization in Houston.



Annie Arnoult



Ron Kiley (NYC)



Lynn Lane - electronics/field recordings

Chapman Welch - electronics

Paul Connolly - electronics/textures

Carol Sandin Cooley - analog/objects

Brandon Bell - percussion

Ben Roidl-Ward - Bassoon

Emily Nelson - Flute

Rebecca Novak - Horn

Thomas Frey - clarinet

Danny Kamins - baritone saxophone

William Overcash - violin

Emmy Tisdel - violin

Aaron Bielish - extended viola

Thomas Helton - double bass

Austin Lewellen - double bass

Ronnie Yates - prepared guitar

George Heathco - guitar

Kathryn Fay Mitchell - harp