My So-Called Mondays FINALE & '90S After Party

It's our season finale! Episode 19: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities. Join us for the final episode of the series and stay for a wicked awesome '90s after party. Flannel and combat boots encouraged. 

More about this show: Over the course of 19 Mondays, audiences will see a non-traditional staged reading of the '90s cult TV show, "My So-Called Life." Yes, a company of actors will perform ALL 19 episodes of this beautiful/brilliant-but-cancelled television series. The show will obviously appeal to My So-Called Life enthusiasts but will also be entertaining for anyone who is experiencing the show for the first time. 

The most exciting part of the project is that each night, various audience members will be selected to round out the cast and perform various small roles in that evening's episode.

All ages welcome. BYOB 21+.