What's the deal with this beer and ice cream thing?

I’m going to be honest with you. When I first heard about the 2nd Annual Beer & Ice Cream Social, I was skeptical. I am a part time teacher, and I’m not rich. Who am I to go to fundraiser, especially when it’s raising funds for the space where I work?

Okay okay, but It's not the hoity-toity thing that I associate with fundraisers. It’s more like a FUNdraiser. Right?! Cause, listen, it’s hot dogs. Hot dogs AND ice cream. Hot dogs AND ice cream AND 8th Wonder Beer. Hot dogs AND ice cream AND 8th Wonder Beer AND a silent art auction AND comedy shows AND live music AND all the people I love under one roof. So you can bet your sweet ass that I will be there and that I will be bidding on all the super bad ass art that’s gonna be hanging on those pristine white walls.

Plus, it’s $25, y'all. Let’s break that down:

Hot Dogs made by Eatsie Boys’ own Matt Marcus.  Regular price for one: $6.95. And we all know that, as American’s, we eat at least two gourmet hot dogs in one sitting. So, that’s about $14.00.

Ice Cream from a legit AF ice cream cart run by resident weirdo, Dano Colón. Probably like $2 a pop. So, that puts us up to $16.00.

An 8th Wonder Beer. We sell that for $5.00 a can at Rec Room. So assuming you come to Rec Room to get your beer (which you should), that’s $21.00.

Then there’s 7 shows. SEVEN shows, my dudes. Our tickets generally cost $10. So at the very least, that's $70 worth of entertainment.  

For the price of one $25 ticket, you are getting $91 worth of awesome.

Not to mention the fact that your ticket pays for our non-profit arts organization so it's tax deductible! Artists, space, lights, costumes, topo chico, etc. It’s going to be a good, fun, ridiculously cool time and you should absolutely come.

March 25th at 8pm. I’ll be there.


Written by Grace Rosenwinkel Cunyus