SESSION 4 | Make A Movie!


SESSION 4 | Make A Movie!


JULY 24 - AUGUST 4, 2017 (2 WKS)

TIME: 1 - 4 PM | M - F

INSTRUCTOR: Jeromy Barber

AGES: 15 - 18

DESCRIPTION: Make your own movie. From conception to screening, you can do it. With technology more powerful and inexpensive than ever, creating video independently is within your reach.

In this course, students will learn every step of the filmmaking process by doing. By the end of the course students will have written, shot, edited and screened their own video. In our training together, students will to learn how to:

  • Produce within limitations (aka setting yourself up for success).
  • Develop scripted material.
  • Serve as cast and crew on several video projects.
  • Produce your own projects.
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